Currie Nordén work internationally with a wide variety of clients. From large multi-nationals to local businesses, we are privileged to work with a great bunch of people, a wide range of formats and quite a number of different territories.

If you would like to know what we are working on, who we are working with, and how you too can take advantage of our services then please get in touch.

Some of our clients prefer to maintain absolute anonymity about working with us as their preferred supplier of research and support, and we absolutely respect and support that decision. Other clients are happy to ‘go public’ and to recommend our work. Below are just a few of our clients and the generous things they have said about working with Currie Nordén:

Currie Nordén are an outstanding radio research company.

We commissioned them to do a Format Finder/Music Mapping and a Library Test (AMT) for a new radio station in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana and the surrounding area.  The results were excellent.

They used the Music Mapping to help us create a unique rock format for the market.  It provided the secret recipe that was designed and optimised for the target listeners.

They then tested the individual songs with an AMT and worked with us to design the music architecture, music policy, song lists and categories.  They also helped with many other aspects of the radio station which became Rock Radio.

We launched the station with very limited advertising, apart from some fun and cost-effective stunts.  The results have been amazing.  The radio station has been a huge success with listeners, advertisers and agencies.

After just three months on air the station was already beating its audience targets for the first year, and the buzz in the city is great.

We have been working with a different research companys in the past, but I would recommend Currie Norden without reservation as a world-class radio research company.  They do excellent work.

Not only that, Francis and Niklas are also great guys who really understand the practicalities of programming a radio station.  They are also fun on a night out!

If you need expertise to help you launch a new radio station, or propel an existing radio station to the next level, you should call these guys.  they are the real deal.

<span style=David Irgolič" >
David Irgolič Programme Director, Radio Center, Slovenia

Research is an essential step towards a successful radio station.

Enter Zagreb was lucky to have Currie Nordén doing that step for us and making a foundation for Enter’s rapid success in months that followed.

From being a completely unknown radio station in the capital of Croatia, with the support of Currie Nordén, in just six months after launch, Enter Zagreb became the No. 1 radio station in the area for 15-29s and No.2 overall.

<span style=Marija Beber" >
Marija Beber Programme Director, Enter Zagreb, Croatia

Francis Currie and Niklas Norden consulted for us.

Using tried and tested methodology, coupled with the latest technology, they were instrumental in clearly defining the music preferences of our audience and providing insight into the market.

Francis and Niklas explained the logic behind the findings and recommended the way forward, which has helped us. We value the findings and find it effective in strategizing our music policy.

<span style=Sanjay Prabhu" >
Sanjay Prabhu Managing Director, Indigo 91.0, India

SBS Radio Denmark have hired Francis & Niklas as research consultants for a national strategic study, including music format search, content and strategic findings.

They are both highly qualified and a pleasure to work with. Both in terms of defining the goals for a study, execution and presenting of the results.

We are very satisfied with their work.

<span style=Tobias Nielsen" >
Tobias Nielsen COO, SBS Discovery, Denmark

Francis Currie and Niklas Nordén provide world class research.

Through such research they helped us identify possible options and create a strategic plan. The results were fantastic.

They gives us clear recommendations to make the strategic decisions and detailed handling of music tests and implementing results to action.

<span style=Tomaš Kapusta" >
Tomaš Kapusta General Manager, Radio Services, Slovakia

We’ve worked with Currie Nordén during the past couple of years.

During that time SBS Radio Sweden has become the market leader. Their excellent research and guidance in complex programming issues has really helped our performance a lot as a group.

They have helped both strategically when it comes to our market position, and also by creating strong tactics for our stations.

I would recommend them with conviction!

<span style=Håkan Morland" >
Håkan Morland Group PD, SBS Discovery, Sweden

I have had the pleasure of working closely with both Francis and Niklas for several years and really value them both highly.

We have done a music mapping of the whole Norwegian music market. This is a fantastic strategic tool which, together with the strategic market study, has help us understand our market better. They also do our auditorium  music testing for our CHR, Rock and AC stations.

Francis & Niklas have really helped us get on track. Radio Rock has almost doubled its cume compared to 2013 and Radio Norge has clearly increased its positive momentum in the market.

We see Francis & Niklas as an important part of our great results and success over the past years.

<span style=Kristoffer Vangen" >
Kristoffer Vangen Group PD, Bauer Media, Norway

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