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  • Strategic Studies

    Invaluable insight to understand the attitudes, values and behaviours of target listeners.

  • Music Mapping

    A new level of intelligence about the music market and the optimum format formula.

  • Song Research

    High specification library tests and online call-out to ensure you have the right music.

  • Content Testing

    The new Ultimate Air Check tells you what the listeners really think about speech content.

Antena Zagreb
Radio Norge

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  • Research Experts

    Currie Nordén already provide world-class and cost-effective radio research to many successful radio stations in more than fifteen different countries.

  • Audio Specialists

    Currie Nordén offer over sixty years of combined professional radio and research experience to provide your radio station with the support it needs.

  • Cost Effective

    When you need world-class radio research at a cost-effective price then call Currie Nordén. Our prices are highly competitive but we never compromise on quality.

  • Market Exclusive

    For as long as we work with you in your defined market, you can be confident that we won’t work for another radio station in that market without your approval.

  • World Class

    Our clients consistently tell us that, compared with other research companies they have worked with, Currie Nordén deliver excellent insight every time.

  • Internationally Credible

    Over many years Currie Nordén have built extensive and deep knowledge of the most effective, efficient and practically useful radio research.

  • Confidentiality Guaranteed

    The radio research data we deliver is powerful and valuable. With us you are 100% guaranteed your data will never be seen by anyone without your permission.

  • Great Communications

    We are a collaborative company. We understand the importance of regular open communications. We’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way.

  • Rapid Support

    When you have a question about the research, or need some extra input, we will he happy to help and we’ll get back to you quickly when you need us.

Ultimate Air Check

What Listeners Really Think

Ultimate Air Check is a Powerful New Tool:

If you want to find out exactly what listeners really think about your content: benchmarks, features, contests, personality breaks, calls, bulletins, guests and more, try Ultimate Air Check.

Ultimate Air Check is a brand new research tool.  It is an online content tester that shows you what listeners really think.


Client Testimonials

What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say

Their excellent research & guidance in complex programming issues has really helped our performance a lot.

Hakan Morland
Hakan Morland Group PD, SBS Discovery, Sweden

With the support of Currie Nordén, in just six months after launch Enter Zagreb became the No. 1 radio station in the area for 15-29.

Marija Beber
Marija Beber PD, Enter Zageb, Croatia

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